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    • Founded in 1996, the InkriT has the mission to advance critical theory as it developed in different varieties and in interaction with social movements since the 19th century

    • Operating under the conditions of advanced globalization, it pursues critical-theoretical studies and research in international academic cooperation.

    • It has among its working areas the edition of the Prison Notebooks and Prison Letters of Antonio Gramsci and the writings of Klaus Holzkamp, the founder of Critical Psychology

    • Its most important task is the edition of the Critical-Historical Dictionary of Marxism (HKWM)

    • It edits its own series of publications under the title "Berlin Contributions to Critical Theory"

    • In 2005 the InkriT has assumed the responsibility of publishing the magazine Das Argument.

    • In 2011 the Feminist Section of InkriT was founded

    • The InkriT is acknowledged as a non-profit organization.



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Collective Memory-Work Symposium Maynooth University of Ireland

26. - 28. August 2021



New Release




Chinese edition, Vol. 1,

Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism


 HKWM 9.I Cover bearb

 Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism

 Vol. 9/I



Frigga Haug

Thirteen Theses of Marxism-Feminism

Lund, 2018





DA aktuell


Das Argument



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